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[CLE] Feeling Conflicted? The Ethics of Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of interest are a leading cause of malpractice claims, with various forms emerging during representation. Attorneys J. Calhoun and Kate Gould will offer best practice tips and discuss relevant Rules of Professional Conducts in this month's CLE webinar.

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The Lawyer's MBA. The Missing Class from Law School

Law school doesn't teach the business of Law.
So, we've compiled these resources to help you fill in the gaps. Think of it as the Lawyer’s MBA.
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Lawyer's Learning Center Podcast with DHIA

Join us weekly for a new episode from the 'Lawyer's Learning Center Podcast', where we deliver insightful information on professional liability insurance, discuss business insurance solutions, and unpack the phases of running a business.
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Professional Liability Insurance Scoring Checklist

Most people discover they've picked the wrong insurance once it's too late. This checklist covers 16 items across 6 key considerations. Score multiple choices side-by-side to gain the confidence of a thoughtful selection. 

Smart businesses confidently endure cyberattacks because they quantified their risk and planned for it

We’ve created a worksheet that guides you through the steps of quantifying your exposure. Then, item-by-item, identifies what’s covered by insurance. Confidently face your future by starting with a plan.

It's Not as Good as It Looks

What looks like easy money is often a trap. A form of fraud is hitting lawyers. Download this guide on how to identify and avoid email wire fraud scams.

Avoid This Unwanted Headache

A forced action can turn costly. Consider Newtonian physics before suing a deadbeat client for non-payment. Download this guide to learn how to build your plan for maximum pay with minimal headaches.

Email Wire Fraud Scams

Wire fraud is on the rise. And it’s starting to impact lawyers. And worse, it’s impacting lawyers’ clients. Download this guide to understand your risk and how to create strategies of protection.

Email Disclaimer Worksheet

Companies can use a number of risk management techniques to control the exposure associated with electronic communication, including email disclaimers. This worksheet will help you personalize and draft your own disclaimer.

Starting a Law Firm Business Plan

It’s one of the toughest educations out there. But law school misses one important subject – how to run a law practice. Five key areas drive your business plan. And we’ve outlined them for you.

The Summer BBQ - a Malpractice Danger Zone

It’s more harmful than it feels. The backyard BBQ can escalate from a gathering of friends into hot coals that scorch your Professional Liability policy for years. Download this guide and create strategies to keep your summer BBQ safe.

eBooks: Professional Liability 101 & An Overview of Legal Malpractice

Avoid costly mistakes by learning the essentials before purchasing professional liability insurance. These two eBooks take minutes to read, but put you in a commanding position when it's time to make your choice.

Are You On the Hook? Maybe yes. Maybe no.

Discover how to minimize potential liability when making referrals to other attorneys.

Suggested Documentation Best Practices Checklist

Set the precedent for your firm with documentation. Use this checklist to to ensure consistency.

Ransomware Response Kit

You’re computer’s locked – and it’s too late. You’ve been ransomed. Or an employee has been ransomed. Now what?

Getting Them in the Door

12 Marketing Ideas for Attorneys that Won't Cost a Fortune.

Create An Exit Strategy for Your Insurance Agency

Most small businesses wait too long to plan an exit strategy. Once an exit comes into focus it’s too late to then optimize key factors like valuation, leadership succession, equity transfer, and tax optimization. To prepare for a proper exit, you must answer one question first.

Responding To A Negative Online Review

A negative online review has the potential to adversely affect not only a business’s reputation, but also its viability. Download this guide so you’re prepared for the chance your firm is ever faced with a negative online review.

10 Ways to Minimize the Chance of a Legal Malpractice Suit

Download ten steps that are frequently effective as risk management techniques for reducing the risk of suit for attorneys in any area of practice.

Tailor a Portfolio of Insurance Policies for Your Unique Needs

It probably feels needlessly complex. Why can't one insurance policy cover it all? This worksheet will simplify the answer and help you identify what coverages you need for your business.

How to Minimize Your Lawyer’s Professional Liability Costs and Maximize Your Benefits

Follow this checklist to ensure you are doing all you can to minimize your Professional Liability Insurance costs while maximizing your benefits.

7 Things You Need to Know Webinar

Uncover the Seven Things That You NEED To Know Before Insuring Your Law Firm Or Renewing Your Existing Insurance Policy.... AND... What You Can Do To Fix Them, Today!

Replace uncertainty with confidence using a tested strategy against potential malpractice claims.

It’s always better to be ahead of a potential malpractice claim than behind it. Get insider tips from folks that see more malpractice claims in a year than you’ll see in your lifetime.

Suggested Missed Deadlines Best Practices Checklist

Sometimes it’s not your fault. Sometimes it is. But fault doesn’t matter when your client is angry. Use this checklist to help manage deadlines and keep clients happy.

Conflicts of Interest

One thousand nine hundred thirty-one claims from 2008 to 2011. According to the ABA, that’s the number of conflicts of interest claims made in just three years. That’s almost 700 every year. Download this guide to see how you measure up.

Remote Your Law Office Wisely

Vulnerabilities exploded during the rapid remoting of workforces in spring 2020. Now let’s button things up. Download this checklist and see if you’re covered.

Client Relations Checklist

Good client relations are an excellent deterrent to malpractice suits, and a great way to increase repeat business and referrals. Download this checklist and see how you measure up.

Withdrawing From a Case

Withdrawing from a case usually comes about because of irreconcilable differences between attorney and client, differences which can be fertile ground for a malpractice claim. Protect yourself and your firm by lawfully withdrawing from a case.

Issues Raised by Working with Co-Counsel

There are strict rules on “sharing” clients. And they apply to both referring clients as well as receiving referrals. And there are potential traps.

Making the Case: How Diversity and Inclusion Can Improve Your Firm’s Financial Outlook

There’s a debate if DE&I makes money or costs money. We’re not sure. So, we asked the experts.

The Art of Getting Paid

Getting paid is more than the mechanics of delivering an invoice. It begins with your initial client meeting and continues through the completed matter. And every step in that journey either increases or decreases your probability of getting paid.  Attorney Claude E. Ducloux shares his insights and experience in this important matter. 

Skeletons in the closet

Are Conflicts of Interest Haunting New Business? The skeletons in your closet are conflicts of interest. Some conflicts are clear. Some are not. So, how do you parse the grey areas of conflict.  Attorney, Will Jordan, has four questions that will help you find the answer.  

What to Expect From Daniels-Head Insurance Agency

It’s not the same as auto insurance. Professional liability insurance can be a complex beast.  And it’s our job to help you tame that beast. Here’s a quick guide of what to expect during the application process. 

When Is a Title Company Liable?

Real estate transaction errors get expensive quickly. That’s why a title company is important. And it’s important to avoid malpractice claims. Download the guide so you can minimize your liability.

Checklist For Changes To Your Law Practice

There are many changes that can take place in a law firm throughout the year. Ensuring that your files are up to date, clients are informed, and all relevant parties are notified can be a challenging task. Download this checklist to ensure you don't miss a beat.

Task Evaluation For Law Firms

Time is a valuable and essential asset for running a business, and we all yearn for more of it. So why not take a few minutes to assess the tasks and processes within your law firm so you can identify opportunities to optimize your time?

Claims-Made vs. Occurrence Insurance Policies Explained

Insurance policies can vary in size, price, and form. Some based on occurrences, others on claims-made and reported. Download this guide so you have a better understanding of the differences before buying.

Malpractice Claim Response Plan - Don't Be Alarmed, Be Prepared

A legal malpractice claim is one of those terrible surprises that no law firm owner wants to think will ever happen to them… Don't allow your law practice to fall behind or go under due to not being prepared.

This checklist is a guide to help you develop a response plan should you be facing a malpractice claim.

Navigating Your Professional Liability Insurance Policy & Reporting Claims

Prior to any claim arising, it's crucial to review your policy and take note of the relevant sections. This proactive step can prevent last-minute searches for criteria, definitions, exclusions, or requirements in the event of a claim.

This checklist is designed to guide you or any person on your team in the event that you incur a claim or potential claim against your firm and need to exercise your malpractice policy.

Key Questions to Ask When Shopping for Professional Liability Insurance

Navigating the process of obtaining Lawyers' Professional Liability Insurance demands careful deliberation. In this guide, we've assembled a comprehensive checklist of questions to empower you when shopping for your legal malpractice insurance.

Yes, You Can Learn To Keep Your Desk Clutter-Free

Learn the benefits of maintaining a clutter-free desk, including improved focus, organization, and reduced stress levels, in this detailed guide.