The Summer BBQ

A Malpractice Danger Zone

It’s more harmful than it feels. The backyard BBQ can escalate from a gathering of friends into hot coals that scorch your Professional Liability policy for years.

There’s a coziness that accompanies the sizzle of beef franks as they fill the air with the aroma of summer. The kids are chasing each other around the pool. Then they grab their knees and cannon-ball water on everyone within range. It feels good. It feels right. And that’s when things go wrong.

Your neighbor Joe stuffs a beef frank in his mouth. As he’s wiping the ketchup from his face he says:

“Hey, you’re a lawyer … right?”

You find yourself giving some quick legal advice. It’s the BBQ code. Just an informal conversation around the grill. But the embers of that conversation slowly burn until they ignite a major fire that burns you with liability.

Attorney Protective is one of the largest Professional Liability insurers in the country. And they see this all the time. So, they put together this guide.

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