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Ransomware: Defeat a High-Tech Nightmare With a Low-Tech Solution

Your computer’s locked – and it’s too late. You thought you had a plan.

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” – Mike Tyson


Mike Tyson’s opponents had never faced a threat like him before. They thought they had a plan. And 90 seconds later they were sucking canvas. You’ve got an opponent that’s equally debilitating...

... Ransomware immobilizes small businesses with the speed and surprise of a Mike Tyson punch. Like Tyson’s opponents, you think you’re ready. But you can’t imagine what’s coming.

You think you’re too small to be a target? You're pretty sure your employees have strong passwords? But ...

Here’s the truth.

Small businesses are overwhelmingly the victims of cyberattacks. Even a small dry cleaner was attacked. It could just as easily happen to you.

Password security for both employees and business owners is underwhelming. The #1 breached password for the last six years is “123546.” It used to be “password” – which is now number four. Even Hillary Clinton’s email was hacked by guessing her password. But that's not all.

According to cybersecurity firm Emsisoft, the legal sector was among the most targeted industries for ransomware attacks in 2020.

In 2021, there were over 2,474 ransomware incidents that impacted organizations in the U.S. Having a response plan in place can help to minimize the impact of the attack and will help you quickly recover from it.

What's your plan?


When your computer is held hostage, do you know what to do or who to call? Do your employees know who to call?

What’s your hourly rate? Or the value of your time? What about lost opportunities while you’re figuring out what to do?

Are the important phone numbers, policy numbers, etc. stored on the computer that’s now being held hostage and can’t be accessed?

Yes, Tyson’s opponents knew he was fierce. But few really knew what was coming until they were face-down 90 seconds later.

What’s your plan when you’re immobilized by the punch of a ransomware attack?

Your best plan is a simple plan.


No plan is a bad idea. A simple plan is a great idea.

It’s called ink and paper. And it can’t be hacked. It doesn’t require a password. And it works every time … well, almost every time.

You have to be able to find it at the right moment. And we know where the best spot is.

Your plan should be pasted on your computer, and your employees’ computers. So, when you get punched in the mouth, you remain standing and can fight back.

That’s why we made the Ransomware Response Kit. With a little information from you, we’ll send you a Kit that enables you to respond within seconds. Not minutes, hours or days.

We want you to be resilient to the dark underworld of the internet. We want you to bill hours and stay productive.

So, give us a little information and we’ll express a Kit to you. Stick it on your computer monitor, laptop, or anywhere else in plain view of the attack. Then you’ll be able to respond with speed and precision. You won’t be sucking canvas in a stupefied state or staggering to stand up.

The Kit is free. And you don’t need to be a customer to qualify¹. We don’t care about that. We want to bring the power of the hackers to an end.

Eventually Mike Tyson fell. Buster Douglass humbled him in one minute and 23 seconds.

Make your response fast and end the terror of ransomware.


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