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10 Ways to Minimize the Chance of a Legal Malpractice Suit

Despite best efforts, dissatisfied clients sometimes file legal malpractice suits. Although there are no guaranteed methods preventing suits from being filed, there are tried and true ways that often reduce the risk of being sued, or minimize exposure once suits are filed.

Download ten steps that are frequently effective as risk management techniques for reducing the risk of suit for attorneys in any area of practice.

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Written by an active practitioner. Cal Watson's practice areas are Professional Liability and Ethics, Commercial Litigation and Business Dispute Resolution and Alternative Dispute Resolution. 


Ten actionable steps anyone can take to minimize risk. 


Learn some of the current "Best Practices" to manage risk and help you reduce your potential exposures.


Methods are endorsed by a major insurance carrier. In fact, they originally published this content and recently co-branded this report with us.  

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