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Business Plan Guide for Growing Law Firms

“Law school teaches you about the law, but it doesn’t teach you how to run a law practice.” – Austin, TX-based attorney

It’s one of the toughest educations out there. But law school misses one important subject – how to run a law practice. So, we compiled this guide.

It’s not hard. It’s just a template … like an engagement letter. Five key areas drive your plan. And we’ve outlined them for you.

Key Areas Covered in the Business Plan Guide

services and operations

Services and Operations – Knowing what you don’t do can be more important than knowing what you do. Warren Buffett says the most successful folks know what to say “no” to.

executive summary

Executive Summary – This is the high-level overview of your firm. This should explain to anyone what you do and how you do it profitably.

swot analysis

SWOT Analysis – We’ve included a template to help you map your competitive landscape.

market analysis

Market Analysis – “Pursue your passion and profits will follow” is horrible advice. Make sure there’s a market for what you’re doing. Also make sure you have a chance to compete.

financial plan

Financial Plan – Surprise! Most businesses are shocked by unanticipated expenses. This section outlines key costs to consider.

marketing strategy

Marketing Strategy – How will clients find you? Hanging a shingle doesn’t bring money in the door. Develop a plan to grow.

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