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Replace uncertainty with confidence using a tested strategy against potential malpractice claims.

“The cover-up is worse than the crime.” This is widely known. So, why do folks keep falling into this trap?

Either they’ve ignored good advice or they’ve never received good advice, and some are overcome by fear.

So, they fall. But you don’t need to follow their path.

Life happens …

… sometimes people sue you for no good reason.

… and everyone occasionally makes mistakes.

Either way, it’s always better to be ahead of a potential malpractice claim than behind it.

So, we’ve teamed-up with Attorney Protective and compiled insider tips for navigating these stormy waters. When we say “insider”, this is what we mean.

They are a member of the Berkshire Hathaway group of companies and are one of the largest underwriters of Professional Liability Insurance in the country. But what does that mean in practice?

Attorney Protective navigates more malpractice claims in a year than you’ll see in your lifetime. Gain from their experience. 

Even if you’re not an attorney, this advice is tested and sound. It works across many professional disciplines.

This guide covers:


The right time to involve your insurance carrier.


How to respond the moment you fear a malpractice claim is coming.


Tips on risk management and avoiding situations prone to malpractice claims.


Resources available for your defense.

There’s no need to live with uncertainty. Download this guide and put a tested strategy to work for you.

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