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How to choose the right professional liability insurance

Here's the sound of the wrong carrier:

“Insurance Companies rarely step up to the plate. Their goal is to not pay.” – John, Environmental Attorney, Austin, TX

Professional liability insurance can be expensive and complex. Pick the wrong carrier, and you’ll feel like John. But there’s a better way.

We made this checklist so you can simplify your research and systematize your shopping. More importantly, we don’t want your story to end like John’s...

... The problem is you don’t know you've bought insufficient insurance until it’s too late. You’ve paid premiums for years, and then …

… you have an uncovered claim, or …

… your carrier goes bankrupt, or …

… your carrier abandons your market … or any number of bad scenarios drag you down.

It can be infuriating. You've paid increasing premiums for years to cover prior acts. Then it crumbles, and your prior acts are exposed. So, what do you do?

You find insurance with a new carrier and pay an outrageous tail premium to cover prior acts. You’re left wondering if there’s a decent carrier out there … just like John.

But it doesn’t need to happen like that.

You sometimes forget to ask important questions. Other times you don’t know the right questions to ask. This checklist systematizes your research and shopping process.

Score multiple choices side-by-side to gain the confidence of a thoughtful selection.

100,000+ have bought professional liability insurance from us since 1973. The last 46 years taught us one thing – we know the right questions.

In hindsight, we should have published this checklist 25 years ago. But it’s important to get things right. And this checklist is right. Fill it out and compare up to 3 insurance providers.

More than chance

96% 5-star Trust Pilot reviews don’t happen by chance. We apply this checklist to every policy we write.

But …

It’s too easy to forget details. Use this checklist to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

This 16 key-question checklist covers six primary categories:


Carriers and Unique Offerings


Agent Experience




Financial Strength


Extended Reporting Periods (Tails)


Renewal Process


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