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Jumpstart Your Email Disclaimer Draft Using this Worksheet So You Can Delight in Reducing Legal Billable Hours

Here is the rarest of legal advice:

“Give your attorneys boundaries and scope. Otherwise it is natural to continually expand the scope … and the bills.” – Roy, Austin-based litigator

You know Roy’s right when you think about ghosts of legal bills past. But you still need an attorney. Right?

Email disclaimers are critical for many businesses. And they’re boilerplate for most businesses. But don’t ask your attorney to draft one.

Jumpstart your draft using this worksheet.

This Worksheet Covers Seven Key Areas:


Accidental Breach of Confidentiality


Breach of Confidentiality


Entering into Contracts


Transmission of Viruses


Vicarious Liability of the Employer


Negligent Misstatement


Legal Compliance

You’ll find common boilerplate language for each of these seven areas. Use the example language or add your own unique verbiage. Then it’s almost complete.

Scan to the bottom of the worksheet and you’ll find a full email disclaimer based on your input. But there’s still one more step.

Daniels-Head Insurance Agency Inc. is not a law firm and is not licensed to practice law in any state. Nothing in this worksheet should be construed as legal advice. This worksheet is only meant to be a jumpstart.

Ask your attorney to review, refine and approve your email disclaimer. Now you’ve just bounded their scope.

Instead of authoring something from scratch, you’ve asked them to be the editor. And that means fewer billable hours.

Download this worksheet and try it for your business.

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