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Smart businesses confidently endure cyberattacks because they quantified their risk and planned for it.

“Quantifying” sounds hard, but it’s not. In fact, you can do a reasonable self-assessment in less than an hour. But it’s often easier to ignore our current reality and think, "It won't happen to me."

Cyberattacks are considered the 3rd largest global threat according to the World Economic Forum (WEF) 2018 Global Risk Report. And it’s getting worse.

Hackers get better every year. And employees keep clicking on malicious emails. 

Click the wrong email link and you could suffer:

ransomware (1)

Lost Work Product


Lost Productivity


Long-term Reputation Damage

loss (1)

Loss of Current and Future Revenue


Loss of Competitive Advantage


Litigation, Fines and Penalties

Can you financially survive a cyberattack?


Is there any question that’s more important?

Cyber threats are dark angry clouds of jargon and technology. Vanquish the darkness with the light of this simple question.

Smart businesses live with the assumption they will get hacked. So, they have plans for when (not if) they get hacked. Do you have a plan?

We’re all one malicious email away from a cyberattack. When an employee clicks that email, will your business survive?

We’ve created a Cyber Liability Self-Assessment to help you answer that question.

It’s a worksheet that guides you through the steps of quantifying your exposure. Then, item-by-item, identifies what’s covered by insurance.

Once you know your net exposure, it shows you how many months to recovery your business has based on your free cash flow.

In short order you’ll know if you can financially survive a cyberattack.

Everything is a statistic … until it happens to you.

Rise above the statistics by having a plan. Take the first step and quantify your risk using our Cyber Liability Self-Assessment.

Strut boldly with the assurance of your endurance.

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